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Pop Up Wok would like to serve customers something new every few months. Although we really want to introduce the concept of Sou Gaai (sweeping the street), many customers request for something with bigger portion to stuff their tummy. Molly and I started thinking, are there anything we can introduce from Hong Kong?

Few ideas came up. How about Cart Noodle (車仔麵)? Got different types of noodles, and different toppings to choose with. But locals are not really into soup noodle and the toppings are hard to find in the UK. What about Hong Kong Style Lo Mein (served cold, 撈冷麵)? The toppings are easy to find, but the summer here in North East is not that long, people would rather have something hot than cold... So, what about combing the above two together and with a twist? What if we provide different types of noodles / starch like cart noodle, and different toppings like those for HK style Lo Mein, and then stir them together, make them hot instead of serving them cold / in soup? Bam! The idea of stir5 came up!

Based on our concept, putting the ingredients in a cup and let the customer to pick their own food, we thought of different names before having stir-5 this name, including "cup cup cup"; "mix cup"; "pick n stir", blah blah blah... none of these name was adapted... We kept thinking and thinking, what we do is actually stir-fry. Stir-fry, stir-fry, why don't we named this as "Stir-5"? Stirring 5 ingredients including noodles / starch together as a stir-fry. Stir-5 can explain these all!

Therefore, started from last Sunday, Pop Up Wok proudly presented our new dish "Stir-5". Try it out! Come to us and pick your own 5 ingredients (including noodles / starch).

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