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New Chapter

After almost 2 years of trading as a pop up shop, we are proudly and excited to announce that Pop Up Wok are going to have our very first fixed location - Pop Up Wok HQ 爆大鑊.

You probably will hear people talking about name with smile or even laughing. We will not blame you and actually quite happy about that. Since it is a quite playful name, we decided to make a funny Chinese name as well. 爆大鑊, when you pronounce it in Cantonese, it is as “bouncy” as the English one. But more important, the meaning behind is what we love.

When we put up the sign for the cafe/ eatery, one HongKonger walked by, and said that she is quite sure that the owner of the cafe must be from Hong Kong. Yes! It is that obvious, because 爆大鑊 is a typical Hong Kong slang. Which means “sharing” someone’s secret with others, more tend to a gossip way. However, this is not a bad way, but a fun way. We want our customers to come to our cafe to relax and sharing some ups and downs, tiny and huge news with us. Don’t afraid to be a friend with us, or even our other lovely customers.

When you come to our cafe, we are no stranger. Some regular customers who support us at the very beginning, already a friend to us. Because of that, WiFi and few sockets on the bar tables are ready, it is up to you to just grab some fishball or have a full Hong Kong style meal. By the way, more classic Hong Kong style food and drinks are coming up on our menu. And more important, fish siu mai is going to stay with us. But still, grab them fast, they gone really quick.

We enchanted our first big question and need some opinions - how should we categorize our little shop? A cafe? Restaurant? Or should we use the new term, Eatery? In Hong Kong, we basically categorize ourselves a simple version of cha chaan teng. Cha chaan teng is a place that you can order almost everything, on or off the menu. Probably we should write a blog post to talk about about how cha chaan teng become that popular, and also how it creates a fast food culture in Hong Kong.

From now on, both Lucia and I will update the website more frequently as many things are planned to happen in our little cafe. And more blog posts talking about Hong Kong culture are coming up.

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