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Sou Gaai 掃街 (Sweeping the Street)

This is how street food look like in Hong Kong
The pile of food is so organised and look amazing

I remember one of the English lessons that I took in primary school, was talking about the impression of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a well-known “Food Paradise” (美食天堂). You can find almost everything you can think of, from Michelin restaurants to little street food stalls. For me, the most delicious and memorable food is not from any famous, high-end restaurants, it is always from those little street food stalls. Curry fish balls (咖喱魚蛋), fish siu mai (魚肉燒賣), three stuffed treasures (煎釀三寶), imitation shark fin soup (碗仔翅) are the best.

It is very common for people to purchase few street foods at once, especially students. And normally the portion of the street food is not too big, so that people can pick more than one type of food. Therefore, food stalls are always quite close to each other within the same street. It can help to satisfy people who are greedy but with small appetites to try more (Admit it! Almost all of us have the difficulties on making choices and picking food. We want everything!). The behaviour of buying street food from one stall to another is called “Sou Gaai掃街” (sweeping the street). Basically we are like the street sweeping vehicle, walk through the whole street and buy food from different stalls.

Pop Up Wok tried to produce the Sou Gaai environment to let customers to experience the special culture of Hong Kong. Last Sunday, one of the customers came by and asked about why we didn’t serve our food with sides. This is a very good question. And our answer is, we want to reserve some spaces inside your stomach. We want you to try more food in the market. No matter our food or from other stalls (the food stalls in Sunday Market are incredible). We hope that you can have a skewer of curry fish ball on one hand and a *boat of our popular crispy chicken bites on another hand. And after all these, you can still have your favourite ice cream nearby. I believed it is all foodies dream and Pop Up Wok want to make your dream come true!

*we called our container as little boat

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