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Pop Up Wok was started in 2017 by Northumbria graduates Molly Chan and Lucia Tsoi. They were shocked to discover Hong Kong street food wasn’t available in the UK because Chinese food and culture was so popular! Molly and Lucia came up with the idea to bring authentic Hong Kong street food to the Toon. Their menu will change on a regular basis as they introduce more and more of the most popular Hong Kong street foods to their stall. There are over 100 varieties of street food so you’ll never be bored!

Pop Up Wok will introduce the concept of ‘sweeping the street’ which is slang for their street food culture. It just means visiting lots of street food stalls and eating your way down the market! (Sounds pretty amazing right?) So, instead of serving full meals, the Pop Up Wok concept means you can ‘pick and mix’ from a variety of different street foods, just like you do in Hong Kong. You can even mix sweet with savoury if you want to. (Crazy, right?)

Molly and Lucia have developed their own recipes and have tasted, tested, tasted and tested some more! After eating their way through 150 curry fishballs and 170 pieces of siu mai, they have perfected the taste to create the best tasting Hong Kong street food in the UK!

You will find Pop Up Wok in a number of markets and events across the North East. Please keep checking our events page and social media for updates. Molly and Lucia will also be announcing their Pop Up Wok Cookery classes in the near future so you can create traditional Chinese dishes at home!

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Pop Up Wok!

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