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2018 Dog year forecast for SNAKE (2018 蛇年運程)

Year of Snake: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

“General Forecast in 2018”

Snake is the strongest this year, although it will not last for the whole year. And the first few months will be a little bit better than the last few months in 2018. Some guidance angels are hiding somewhere and waiting for the right time to give you a big hand. However, snake need to pay more attention on relationship and communications. Some gossips and misunderstandings are quite easy to be created this year. Also, this year snake may lose some belongings, such as wallet, key and phone. It must be the worst nightmare to lose you phone nowadays right? So please be careful with your personal belongings.

“Financial Forecast”

2018 is a good year for snake, most likely you will have sufficient saving this year. If you are self-employed, you may have more opportunities on business and earn quite a lot of profits. Just ensure to put lot of effort on your works and don’t take shortcuts. Don’t afraid of obstacles or hard time, it will give you strength and experience to build up your career. If you want to do a little investment on the stock market, better not be too aggressive.

“Career Forecast”

If you want to develop your career, 2018 is the right year to make it happen. For those who are working as a civil officers, you may have higher authority this year. Try to be well prepared, so that you can provide a better impression to your boss and colleagues. It may also increase the chance of promotion. If you are employees, you may get lot of help this year, in order to make your career path more smooth and stable. But it is always important to be humble and have a good relationship with colleagues and boss. Don’t forget your health as well. This year will be a good year for your career, you need to have good health to deal with a busy schedule.

“Relationship Forecast”

2018 is a perfect year for couples to think about getting marry. For singles, you may have quite a lot of options this year, therefore, it is quite possible for you to meet a right partner. Sometimes too many options may make the situation even harder. Try to focus more on their personality and common interest, rather than appearance. For married, you may have more conflicts with your partner this year, but sufficient communication and understanding can help to improve the relationship. Not much to be too concerned.

“Health Forecast”

Snake may have more accidents in 2018. For drivers, you need to pay more attention on the road, especially for impulsive drivers. Try to avoid any dangerous activities, 2018 is not a perfect year to challenge your physical ability. Prepare a small portable first-aid kit may be a good idea to help yourselves to go through this year safely.

*Information above is concluded from different online sources, and is for reference only, no matter how it says, we wish you to have very good year of DOG :)




蛇是2018年12 生肖運氣排行榜第一名。今年前段運勢很強,到中段至年尾才稍微回落。而且今年會容易有有力貴人扶助。不過身邊仍會有不少是非出現,但不是很嚴重,所以不用太擔心;另外今年比較容易遺失銀包、鎖匙、電話等,所以要特別要留意私人物品。







【 愛情方面運勢】






*以上運程是綜合網上資訊所得,並只供參考之用。我們祝你有一個豐盛和順利的狗年 :)

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