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2018 Dog year forecast for TIGER (2018 虎年運程)

Year of Tiger: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

“General Forecast in 2018”

Tiger is like taking roller coaster, going through ups and downs this year. Tiger may not as strong as last year, there will be several issues and arguments with others easily. However, there may be opportunities underneath, if you can catch the opportunity, you may able to make changes. You will have a guardian angel this year, which can help you sort out the things easily.

“Financial Forecast”

Tiger can earn more from your career by impressing your boss. You can also try to do some little investments, you could separate your investments into different projects, which will bring you a huge reciprocation.

“Career Forecast”

You may feel frustrated about your career lately, but since you have a guardian angel this year, the problems you are facing may able to sort out easily, and you could earn yourself a promotion if you impressed your boss with your effort! If you own a business, you could try to expand your business. Beware of your anger this year, as this can affect you career seriously.

“Relationship Forecast”

If you are a married tiger, there may be a new member joining your family. If you are single, you may find you partner this year. Try to be more open and tell your crush about your feeling, you may success!

“Health Forecast”

Although nothing major, tiger this year will suffer from serious of minor illness, which definitely made you mood swings. If you don't go for the doctor, the minor one can become a serious one. Therefore, try to be positive this year, and do more exercise to make yourself stronger and healthier.

*Information above is concluded from different online sources, and is for reference only, no matter how it says, we wish you to have very good year of DOG :)


















*以上運程是綜合網上資訊所得,並只供參考之用。我們祝你有一個豐盛和順利的狗年 :)

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