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2018 Dog year forecast for DRAGON (2018 龍年運程)

Year of Dragon: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

“General Forecast in 2018”

Overall, Dragon in 2018 is so far so good. Although being the last in relationship and financial, Dragon is not the worst in 2018. You may go through different changes this year, including but not limited to career, housing and relationship. However, Dragon this year is not going to get what they want easily, even you try very hard.

“Financial Forecast”

Dragons should be very careful about doing investment this year. You should never consider invest any high risk projects. If you are not good at financial management, you could let your parents or partner to manage the finance for you, to avoid losing the money. Also, in this year, you have to look closer when you sign any document, otherwise, you may get into troubles.

“Career Forecast”

Dragon can still have a great success in your career this year. You may meet someone that can help you to solve some problems, so that you can focus on your career and show the best side of you to your boss. However, if you are having a start-up business, you should not try to expand your business this year. Stay where you are, your business can be more sustainable.

“Relationship Forecast”

Female Dragons can find their partner this year, and can bring luck to your partner. If you are married, your relationship will be very sweet this year. However, since Dragon can attract the others very easily this year, you have to be careful of the signals you give out, otherwise, you will confuse someone that you are not interested in. If you are in relationship but have no intention to marry your partner, the relationship may have not a good ending.

“Health Forecast”

This year is not good for Dragons’ health. You may get hurt when you travel. Therefore, you have to be careful no matter you are on leisure trip or business trip. If you can decrease the frequency of travelling, that would be the best. For those who always drive, you have to beware of the road conditions and situations. And you should be careful of what you eat this year, as your intestine and stomach are very sensitive this year.

*Information above is concluded from different online sources, and is for reference only, no matter how it says, we wish you to have very good year of DOG :)


















*以上運程是綜合網上資訊所得,並只供參考之用。我們祝你有一個豐盛和順利的狗年 :)

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