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家的味道 家的感覺
Taste of Hong Kong

Pop Up Wok is bringing authentic Hong Kong street food to the Toon!  Never try Hong Kong street food before?  Miss the old days in Hong Kong where you can almost get anything you want to eat?  You’ve come to the right place! 

Hong Kong is an exciting city and serves many different types of amazing food, we really want to share the Hong Kong food culture to you here in the UK!



We (Molly & Lucia) are HongKongers and studied in Newcastle.  In the first year, we didn't get used to having cold food for lunch.  In Hong Kong, it is so easy to find a place that serves small portion of hot food, which fill you up just enough, not too full for the coming dinner. Therefore, when you are craving hot food for lunch or tea time, we would like to provide you more choices, apart from pastries and pizza.

We hope you enjoy surfing our website and the food we serve!

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